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Live Better in East Nashville


Live Better in East Nashville

Located just across the Cumberland River from downtown Nashville lies one of the most progressive areas in the state known to locals as “East”. East Nashville in particular has seen a major increase of interest from buyers due to extreme revitalization and renovation taking place in recent years. Young families and artists in particular have taken a huge interest in East, giving the area an eclectic and upbeat vibe. Popular districts and neighborhoods in East Nashville include: 5-Points, Historic Edgefield, Eastwood Neighbors, East End, and Lockeland Springs. 

Many of the homes in the area have Dutch and European architectural influences. Nestled in each East Nashville neighborhood you will find Bungalows, Victorians, Tudors, Ranches, and Craftsman. Many of the homes were built in the 1800’s, making East Nashville full of historic houses. As of April 2021, the median price for homes selling in the area is $535,000 and the average price is $562,764. 

East Nashville is not only known for its quirky nature. It is a community of hardworking people who have so much tenacity and a strong tendency to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. East Nashville has survived a massive fire (1916) and vicious tornadoes have tried to take this incredible area down more than once. Instead, the area has come back stronger time and time again. Urban renewal and modern style have made their mark amid this historic backdrop. For this, Nashville as a whole is grateful. 

Another unique feature to East Nashville is the number of local businesses that thrive in the area. Many of the shops and restaurants are owned and run by local entrepreneurs, and most of those business owners live in the East Nashville area as well. Some of our favorite eateries to check out are Kettner Coffee Supply, 5-Points Pizza, 3 Crow Bar, Hunter’s Station, Margot Cafe & Bar, Walden Bar, The 5-Spot, Red Door Saloon, Pharmacy Burger, Two Ten Jack, Lockeland Table, and Mas Tacos Por Favor! Looking for green space? Located along the Cumberland River in East, Shelby Park includes playgrounds, a dog park, baseball fields, two golf courses, and a community center.

How Their Resident’s are Living Better

“We love the family friendliness of East Nashville. It’s very diverse but at the same time has a small town feel being minutes from downtown.  We enjoy trying all the locally owned restaurants and coffee shops. The community overall is so kind!”

East Nashville has made a long lasting mark on our hearts. The LB Group is grateful it is a gorgeous part of our vibrant city. We hope to run into one of your smiling faces as we keep discovering all that the east side has to offer.